Intro to Buffer Overflows

We begin here by going over the steps in exploiting a stack overflow from beginning to end. From FUZZING, to gaining SHELL on the machine and creating a reliable EXPLOIT

Stacks and Handlers and Python, oh my!

This will be a bit like exploiting the stack, only, you are exploiting the program through a Structured Exception Handler, or SEH. The beauty of this exploit is that it will work across the Windows platform. Just as before, you’ll create a reliable exploit and successfully gain shell in the end

Egghunting Sorcery

Piggybacking off my last post of Stacks and Handlers and Python, oh my…I go into implementing the use of an egghunter that uses the NtDisplayString function. It may sound like a daunting and intimidating task, but I can assure you it is not


A message box encoded with only ascii characters. You will need zen, stress balls, and more zen. Although the math can be a bit easy, it gets repetitive and you can easily make a small error and/or typo. That can be a pain. Up for an interesting task? This could be for you!

Deflowering Innocent Applications

GifCam is a piece of software that does just that… Creates gif. Here, we are going to backdoor this application to do more than just create gifs!