Here, you will find the “How-to’s” and Walkthroughs of what I like doing.

What you’ll find in the Walkthrough area:

  1. Boot2root solutions from Vulnhub
  2. Tips and ramblings
  3. Different ways of doing a variety of things
  4. Video, in case you don’t like doing much reading.

You’ll see the way my mind works and how I go about doing things. If you have any other helpful tips, please share! I’m sure you aren’t the only one reading my ramblings ?

What you’ll find in the Tutorials area:

  1. Basic tutorials for some, hard for others
  2. As stated above, different ways of doing a variety of things

I will try my best to tailor it towards beginners. There will be lots of info to absorb, so take notes…get familiar with virtualization…download…and follow along 🙂