hackfest2016: Sedna Walkthrough

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VM’s are coming in like crazy! Christmas all over again 🙂 This VM is called Sedna and was a pretty fun and interesting one. Quick run-down: Enumeration Exploitation Read flag Exploits used: Chkrootkit 0.49 Just like our last one, the author graced us with giving us the IP of the machine. Let’s see what we […]

Pluck: 1 Walkthrough

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Yesterday, a VM was published on Vulnhub called Pluck: 1. You can get that here. This was a pretty interesting VM, as you shall soon see. Quick run-down: Enumeration Get ass kicked Exploitation Read flag Exploits used: DirtyCow The author of the VM had done us a favor by showing the IP address the VM […]

Intro to Buffer Overflows

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Buffer overflows. How fun they can be, but intimidating if you have never fired up a debugger of any sort. Little numbers everywhere in four different boxes, with each box having its own specific purpose. Awesome. Get what you need first so that way you can follow along, and kick some ass! PCMan FTP Server Immunity […]